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Our July Picks

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One problem we all have dealing with summer is the extreme heat waves in Toronto. We usually don't sweat but when we do, we're sweating buckets. Our hair gets all wet and flat from the humidity and especially our clothes are drench in stinky sweat. Not a pretty sight... Summer is the time to have fun, relax, get that summer tan, but it's hard when you're not feeling yourself and lowkey dying in the heat. So we all choose to stay inside and crank up the A/C. But that's no fun and with summer just getting started, we’ve picked out some of our favorite summer outfits to help you last you throughout the day, stay cute and beat the heat all at the same time.


Pick One: Skirt and Tube Top

Get that summer beach vibe with our first pick featuring a nude color tube top and to compliment it our fun patterned skirt made up of the colors of the sea. The blue like water, beige like sand and green like seaweed color scheme is the perfect summer piece. You can also stylize it with a large circle straw shoulder bag. It's cute, easy to wear and flowy and breezy to keep you cool.



Pick Two: Maxi Dress

How about a maxi dress for those warm afternoon and cool nights. This dress will give your wardrobe a that boho vides you've been wanting. Just throw on a hat and mesh bag and you're ready for the day. The long flowing dress is perfect for that cute date night with your friends and family or enjoy the day with a picnic at the park. Accessorize your look with a cute straw meshed bag.



Pick Three: Two Piece

It's brunch with your girlfriends and you're late as ever. There's just no time to pick out the perfect outfit! That's when sets are the perfect clothing options when in a pinch! Everyone loves a 2-piece set for any occasion. It's simple yet cute and easy to wear. Awesome for a day with you the girls, go to brunch or dinner, go on a mini photo shoot the world is yours when you look this good.



We all need our Vitamin D somehow. Go outside and enjoy your summer! Also, comment down below your favorite summer outfits. Tell us what you’d wear in this crazy heat wave!

Stay cool, stay safe, and stay hydrated spoofers. <3


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