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Omg it’s finally here.

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I dreamt about it, thought about it, talked about it…

This is my first time building a team and from here things really got started with us planning and putting things into action.

Our theme: My City, My Style…

It was so fitting, with this theme in mind, our team started asking friends and families to see who could help us out with different projects. I have to say, people are so kind and helpful allowing us to make our project a reality.  As we were walking around the streets of Toronto, our multi-cultural, vibrant, beautiful city we were so easily inspired to showcase our city in the lookbook. (My favourite is the graffiti ally chapter - the idea to feature this came to me 5 years ago and I was so happy to be able to actually use it on the site).

There were times we came across some challenges with our new projects; it was scary at first but as time passed we learned how to solve problems quickly and gained new skills. This has given me confidence for future projects.  

I am so blessed to be surrounded with such a supportive team. To everyone who contributed, thank you so much! Thank you to our models, Abena, Tammy, Lara, Breanne, and Hannah for giving our clothes life. Thank you to our photographer, Jessica, and to our graphic designer, Amber, for making some really beautiful work.

Special shout out to Teresa, Niroja and Maria, for everything you put into this, you guys are the absolute best!

…….Our City, Our Home





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